ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

ABM-14 is an auto-feed beveling machine designed for milling plates and pipes made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, or aluminum alloys. The machine can bevel up to 12 mm (1/2″) in width just in one run. Depending on the materials, two or more runs are needed to achieve a maximum bevel width of 14 mm (9/16″). The ABM-14 enables producing double-sided bevels without having to flip the plate.

  • ABM-14 runs automatically along the edge of the long workpiece
  • two optional trolleys to increase ergonomics, comfort, and productivity
  • standard shearing cutter for machining stainless/alloyed steel
  • two optional shearing cutters dedicated to carbon steel and to aluminum
  • stationary operation is possible for machining small workpieces or pipes with ID > 100 mm (4″)
  • additional vertical roller guide enables machining concave edges if the curvature radius is 1500 mm or more
  • ABM-14 is a low-noise machine
ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

Bevelling Angle

option: 22.5°, 25°, 35°, 37.5°, 45°

Bevelling Width

max 14 mm

Min plate thickness /
Max plate thickness

6 mm / 40 mm (1-9/16")

Min plate width

55 mm (2-3/16")

Round plate
beveling (option)

Top plate beveling

Bottom plate beveling

Oval workpiece and pipe beveling

Beveling at 30°

Beveling at 45°

Maximum bevel width up to 14 mm

ABM-14 runs along a plate automatically

Optional trolley makes operator’s work more effective and comfortable

Possibility to bevel concave edges


Voltage3~ 400 V + PE, 50-60 Hz
Power2200 W
Spindle speed9 rpm (for 50 Hz); 11 rpm (for 60 Hz)
Bevel angle range
(ß – depending on angle device in use)
22.5°, 25°, 35°, 37.5°, 45° (options)
Bevel width (b)up to 14 mm (9/16’’)
Maximum bevel in one single run12 mm (in 40 Kg/ 392 MPa carbon steel)
Minimum plate thickness6 mm (1/4’’)
Maximum plate thickness40 mm (1-9/16’’)
Minimum plate width55 mm (2-3/16’’)
Bevel length per minute2.6 m (8.5 ft) for 50 Hz; 3.1 m (10.2 ft) for 60 Hz
Minimum pipe ID100 mm (4”)
Weight65 kg (144 lbs)
Product Code:UKS-0639-10-40-00-0

3835ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

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Bevelling Accessories

3839ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

FRZ-000588 Milling cutter for stainless steel

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3840ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

FRZ-000587 Milling cutter for aluminum

Bevelling Accessories

3841ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

SCG-000002 Milling cutter extraction tool

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3846ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

PRW-00010* Angle variation device

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3847ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

TRZ-000017 Tube beveling shaft

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3848ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

PDK-000240 Tube beveling washer

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3849ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

WOZ-0639-01-00-00-0 Adjustable trolley

Bevelling Accessories

3853ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

SWK-0639-02-00-00-0 Vertical roller guide Min. concave curve radius 1500 mm

Bevelling Accessories

3854ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

MNP-0675-10-00-01-0 Machine Rotation Trolley

Bevelling Accessories

ABM-14 | Plate and pipe beveler

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ABM-14 | Platen- und Rohranfasmaschine

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ABM-14 | Smussatrice per Lastre e Tubi

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ABM-14 | Chanfreineuse pour toles et tubes

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ABM-14 | Plaat en Buis Afschuinmachine

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ABM-14 | Ръчна Машина За Скосяване На Листов Материал И Тръби

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Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machines

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Anfasmaschinen für Bleche und Rohre

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Smussatrici per Lamiere e Tubi

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Machines à Chanfreiner

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Mașini de Șanfrenat Tablă și Țevi

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