PPCM 650 | Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

The most important feature and advantage of PPCM-650 is its user-friendly software, including a wide scope of standard macros representing the typical cutting shapes. An integrated library of macros allows for the parametric definition of typical pipe joints and fast shape programming on-site directly from the machines’ control panel just after a short training. Off-line programming is also possible by means of dedicated PPCM SIM PC software containing the same macros library. Pipe joints can be prepared remotely in the office to keep the machine operating, increasing process efficiency and reducing downtime.

  • User-friendly software, including a library of macros for most typical cutting shapes
  • Automatic compensation of cutting speed depending on the material thickness, torch angle, and cutting direction for the best cutting quality
  • Heavy-duty rigid construction
  • Well-proven in most demanding environments
  • Easy access to gas valves
  • Fume exhaust system through spindle (option)
  • Additional torch to heat up the material (option)
PPCM 650 | Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Pipe OD
50 to 650 mm (2-26")

3D Oxy-fuel cutting
Acetylene (standard)
Propane (option)

3D Plasma cutting

CAD/CAM file transfer
thru Lantek Flex 3D
Tubes (option)

PPCM-650 software includes a wide scope of standard macros

PPCM SIM PC / Off-line programming Thanks to PPCM standard macros’ library. You can work remotely on your projects.

Import of CAD geometry from external software and acceptance of various file types including Tekla, SAT, STEP, IFC, Excel

Designing of tubes and joints using a set of standard shapes or construction of them from 2D outlines

Visualization of joints and torch path adjustment to optimize weld preparation

Oxy-fuel cutting (Acetylene or Propane). The alternative cutting method that is available on request.

Fume extraction system


Pipe OD diameter50 - 650 mm (2-26")
Max. pipe length6 or 12 m (19 or 39 ft.)
Pipe weightup to 3 000 kg
Wall thickness3 – 50 mm
Max. cutting angle45 degree
Cutting methodOxy-Acetylene
Oxy-Propane (Option)
Plasma (Option)
Ignition: Oxy-fuel / PlasmaManual / Automatic
Pipe support2 pcs for up to 6-meter long pipes
4 pcs for up to 12-meter long pipes
Additional supports on request
Vertical oval compensation mechanismIncluded
Airconditioning of control cabinetAvailable as Option
Menu languageEnglish, Croatian, Finnish, French, Russian, Turkish
Other languages on request
Fume exhaust systemAvailable as Option
Auto nesting of multiple partsAvailable as Option
Transfer of NC data from CAD:
Tekla files, SAT, STEP, IFC, Excel etc. files thru LANTEK flex 3D
Available as Option

PPCM plasma cutting

PPCM runs on Lantek Flex 3D

PPCM 3D Pipe Cutting Machine

PPCM-650 | Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

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PPCM-650 | Rohr-Profilschneidanlage

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PPCM-650 | Macchina per Taglio di Profili Tubolari

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PPCM-650 | Machine de Decoupe de Tubes 5 Axes

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