Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Lizard is a portable, programmable, trackless welding tractor designed to produce consistently high-quality welds. It can be programmed in continuous or stitch welding modes. Welder-friendly two-function buttons enable storage and reproduction of up to 40 different welding programs for various joint configurations and multi-pass, multi-layer welds. Constant, continuous, and repeatable travel speed enables weld bead geometry that is exact to the required specifications, thus reducing costly over welding and decreasing filler metal usage, substantially.

Lizard is capable of producing weave welds by means of an optional pendulum oscillator. The oscillator allows for precise control of weave width, weave speed, and left/right side wall dwell and is particularly useful for vertical welding.

  • Up to 40 complete programs may be stored in non-volatile memory to repeat optimum weld procedures
  • Multifunctional LCD and 2-function buttons for programming selected welding patterns and parameters such as weld length, the distance between welds, reverse fill, crater fill time, and others
  • The closed-loop speed control system stabilizes travel speed, enabling uniform heat input to produce consistently high-quality welds
  • Lizard travels at full speed between stitches, which saves valuable welding time.
  • The optional torch oscillator produces weave welds
  • 4-wheel drive magnetic traction permits out-of-position use
  • Compact, lightweight design with a durable aluminum cast housing
  • Convenient Power Supply 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz or 42 V, 50–60 Hz
Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Angular oscillation

Continuous welding

Stitch welding

Dual torch

Dual Arc

Continous welding

Stitch welding

Dual torch welding

Multifunctional LCD display and 2 function buttons for welding pattern programming and oscillation control

Angular oscillation module

Multi-surface guiding


Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage
Voltage1~ 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz
42 V, 50–60 Hz
Power25 W
Welding position (according to EN ISO 6947 and AWS/ASME)
PA / 1F / 1G
PB / 2F
PC / 2G
PD / 4F
PE / 4G
PF / 3F / 3G with optional oscillator)
PG / 3F / 3G (with optional oscillator)
Programmable variablestractor speed, weld length, skip, crater fill, backweld, total length
Welding settings storageup to 40
Menu languageEnglish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Torch diameter16–22 mm (0.63–0.87”); up to 35mm (1.38”) option
Minimum radius of curved workpiece surface1500 mm (5 ft)
Minimum workpiece thickness5 mm (0.2”)
Ground clearance5 mm (0.2”)
Horizontal pulling force220 N
Vertical pulling force150 N
Cross slide adjustment range0–35 mm (0–1.38”) up‑down, left-right
Horizontal speed0–130 cm/min
(0–51.3 in/min)
Vertical speed0–120 cm/min
(0–47.25 in/min)
Limit switchat both sides
Weight14 kg (31 lbs)

336Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Power cord 3 m (9,7 ft)

PWD-0466-18-00-00-0 (230 V CEE) PWD-0466-16-00-00-0 (115 V USA) PWD-0466-23-00-00-0 (230 V UK)

514Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

22-35 mm Torch Clamp


2380Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Torch Extension Arm

Gecko Accessories Lizard Accessories


2146Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Knurled nut

Lizard Accessories Welding Carriage Accessories


2142Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Low guide arms

Lizard Accessories Welding Carriage Accessories


2144Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

High guide arms

Lizard Accessories Welding Carriage Accessories


2134Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Edge Following Guide Arms

Lizard Accessories Welding Carriage Accessories


2136Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Adjustable Guide Arms

Lizard Accessories Welding Carriage Accessories


2138Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

Follower Guide Arms for Flexible track

Lizard Accessories Welding Carriage Accessories


Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage

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Lizard | Programmierbarer Schweisstraktor

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Lizard | Carrello per Saldatura Programmabile

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Lizard | Chariot de Soudage Programmable

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Lizard | Programmeerbare-Laswagen

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Lizard | Programovatelný Svařovací Vozík

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Lizard | Carro de Soldadura Programable

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Lizard | Cărucior de Sudură Programabil

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Lizard | Програмируем Заваръчен Трактор

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Welding & Cutting Tractors

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Schweiß- und Schneidtraktoren

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Carrelli per Saldatura e Taglio

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Chariots de Soudage & Coupage

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Carros de Soldadura y Corte

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Cărucioare de Sudare si Tăiere

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