PRO-152T | Tapping and Drilling Machine

The PRO-152T mag drill enables a milling capacity of up to 150 mm and a drilling capacity of up to 47 mm. Forward & reverse work modes allow tapping of through holes up to M42 and blind holes up to M33 with Promotech’s tapping system. A four-speed gearbox with continuous speed adjustment allows one to set optimal speed depending on diameter, steel grade, or tool quality. An intelligent speed control system maintains constant motor speed regardless of changing loads, whereas both overload and overheat protection prevent misuse of the machine.

  • Integral forward/reverse operation – the ability to tap pre-drilled holes up to M42
  • 360-degree visual monitoring system indicates the current condition of the drill and gives safety and diagnostic information, e.g. worn brushes
  • Electronic Speed Stabilization System (ESSS) maintains stable speed regardless of load changes
  • Rigid casting designed to withstand downward drilling force, prolonging the tool’s life
  • Tilt sensor – to stop the motor if the machine breaks away from the surface whilst in operation
  • Semi-automatic gib adjustment enables simple, fast, correct, and repeatable slide backlash settings without any expert knowledge or experience
  • Energy Saving Base (ESB) uses only 50% of its power when the motor is not running
  • Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) provides maximum holding power on thin materials
PRO-152T | Tapping and Drilling Machine

Core drill

max 150 mm

Twist drill

max 47 mm

Max tap size

M42 (1-5/8")

Depth of cut

100 mm


260 mm (10”)

Milling capacity up to 150 mm (5-7/8”)

Max depth of cut up to 100 mm (4″)

Max stroke up to 260 mm (10″)

Intuitive control panel at top of the drill

Counterclockwise (CCW) rotation

Tapping chuck feat. securing nut

Blind hole tapping up to M33

Through hole tapping up to M42


Motor Speeds (under load)55-85 rpm (gear I)
100-150 rpm (gear II)
200-300 rpm (gear III)
350-520 rpm (gear IV)
Power2300 W
Weight31 kg (68 lbs)
Max milling capacity150 mm (5-7/8”)*
Max drilling capacity
47 mm (1-7/8")
Max Tap sizeM42 (1-5/8")
Stroke260 mm (10”)
Max depth of cut100 mm (4”)
Voltage1~ 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz
1~ 110–120 V, 50–60 Hz
Overload protectionyes
Overheat protectionyes
Continuous Speed Adjustmentyes
ESSS (Electronic Speed Stabilization System)yes
Semi-automatic gib adjustmentyes
MFSC (Magnetic Field Shape Control)yes
ESB – Energy Saving Baseyes
Magnet detachment safeguard yes
Magnetic clamping force
(surface with the thickness of 25 mm and roughness Ra = 1.25)
2550 kgf (25 000 N)
Magnet Base Dimensions105 mm × 315 mm × 50 mm
4-1/8" x 12-3/8” x 2"
Min. Workpiece Thickness10 mm (3/8")
Tool holder19 mm (3/4") or 32 mm (1-1/4") Weldon
Product Code 220–240 V, 50–60 HzWRT-0583-10-20-01-0
Product Code 110–120 V, 50–60 HzWRT-0583-10-20-01-0

* If more than 60 mm (2.36″), use an MT4 arbor with 32 mm Weldon tool holder (UCW-583-13-00-00-0).

PRO-152T | Heavy Duty Tapping and Drilling Machine

PRO-152T | Heavy Duty Tapping and Drilling Machine

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PRO-152T | Schwere Gewindeschneid- und Magnetbohrmaschine

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PRO-152T | Perforatura e Maschiatura per Impieghi Gravosi

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PRO-152T | Heavy Duty Boor en Tapmachine

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Drilling & Punching Machines

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Magnet-Bohrer Schienenbohrer Locher

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Perforatori Magnetici Perforatori Per Rotaie Punzonatrici

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Mașini Pentru Găurire Filetare Perforare

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