BM-25 | Plate Beveling Machine

The BM-25 is an easy-to-use, portable, heavy-duty machine, enabling bevels up to 25 mm wide. The beveller is equipped with a powerful motor and fitted with a face milling beveling head, allowing smooth operation and exceptional efficiency. BM-25 enables milling straight edges up to 25 mm bevel width, whereas variable spindle speed facilitates optimizing cutting conditions. Continuously adjustable milling depth and bevel angle between 0 and 90 require no tooling to change.

  • Maximum 25 mm bevel width (more than one pass could be required)
  • the continuously adjustable bevel angle between 0 and 90 degrees – one milling head in use only
  • powerful motor with electronic speed control between 1800 –5850 rpm to work with various materials
  • a single head works with the face milling method, allowing less milling resistance and effort for the operator
  • overload protection to prevent motor damage
  • continuous milling depth adjustment to fully control the beveling process
  • adjustable handle and grip for comfort and ergonomics
BM-25 | Plate Beveling Machine

Bevel angles

0° - 90° - 15°-75° (recommended)

Bevelling Width

max 25mm

Min plate thickness 2 mm

Pipe OD beveling

min. OD 100 mm (4”) (option)

Top beveling

Bevel width up to 25 mm at 45 degrees

Adjustable bevel angle between 0 and 90 degrees

Comfort and ergonomics of work

Work at 0 degree ( machining lands/root cases)

Work at 90 degrees ( cladding and other wear resistant coating removal)

It allows external beveling of pipes with a diameter of at least 100 mm


Voltage1~ 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power2200 W
Spindle speed (without load)1800-5850 rpm
Maximum bevel width (b, Fig. 1)25 mm (1")
Maximum depth of cut (d, Fig. 1)12,5 mm (1/2")
Bevel angle 0°-90°
15°-75° (recommended)
Minimum workpiece thickness2 mm (0.08”)
Weight12,5 kg (27 lb)
Required ambient temperature0–40°C (34–104°F)
Product CodeUKS-0715-10-20-00-0

BM-25 | Plate Beveling Machine

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BM-25 | Maschine zum Anfasen von Blechen

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BM-25 | Macchina per Smussare Lamiere

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