Meet our partner in Romania – Electroconex at the Metal Show & TIB in Bucharest and check PROMOTECH comprehensive offer of bevellers, welding tractors and welding automation.

Visit stand 92 at Pavilion B2, talk with experts from Electroconex and check how PROMOTECH machines can contribute to your success! If you work in the sheet metal processing or metal cutting sector, in the field of welding, or industrial robotics, or you are looking for comprehensive machines and tools, METAL SHOW & TIB 2024 is a place to be.

What PROMOTECH machines will you see at the Metal Show & TIB?

Welding Tractors

PROMOTECH Rail Titan >> a fully modular mechanized tractor that can be custom configured for TIG-MIG-MAG welding, oxy-fuel, or plasma cutting and gouging applications on flat or curved plates, tubes and pipes.

PROMOTECH Mini Spider >>  a CAS battery-powered welding tractor designed to produce continuous fillet welds using MIG/MAG torches.

PROMOTECH Gecko Battery >> a battery-powered trackless welding tractor designed to produce continuous butt and fillet welds using MIG/MAG torches. CAS LiHD battery delivers enough power for handling even the toughest applications with no cables.

PROMOTECH Rail Bull >> a digitally controlled welding tractor with an integrated linear oscillator for weave welding and overlay. The tractor can move along rigid or semi-flexible tracks on flat and curved surfaces. 

PROMOTECH Lizard >>  a portable, programmable, trackless welding tractor designed to produce consistently high-quality welds.

PROMOTECH Rail Tug >> a basic tractor that can move along ring, hi-flex, semi-flexible or rigid tracks on flat, curved and round surfaces. The tracks can be fixed to both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials.

PROMOTECH Scorpio >> a CAS LiHD battery-powered welding tractor designed to produce butt and fillet welds using MIG/MAG torches. Users can select arc ignition times of up to 3 seconds at the start and end of tractor travel to create a preferred weld fill at both ends.

PROMOTECH OSC-8 >> pendulum oscillator which is designed to oscillate MIG/MAG torches with a diameter of 16–22 mm (5/8–7/8″). 

Pipe & plate bevelling solutions

PROMOTECH BM-25 >> is an easy-to-use, portable, heavy-duty machine, enabling bevels up to 25 mm wide. Continuously adjustable milling depth and bevel angle between 0 and 90 require no tooling to change.

The Auto Feed Trackless Beveller PROMOTECH ABM-30 features an infinitely adjustable bevel angle between – 70 and + 70 degrees and is capable of producing bevels up to 30 mm wide. It also allows for facing in both directions, with the milling head depth of 1 mm.

The Auto Feed Trackless Beveller PROMOTECH ABM-50 self-propelled machine produces accurate high-quality double-sided bevels up to 50 mm without thermal distortion or creation of heat-affected zone on plate thickness range 8-80 mm (15/16″ – 3 1/8″).

PROMOTECH SBM-500 >> stationary beveling machine for beveling up to 30 mm wide on different-sized workpieces up to 100 mm thick and small pipes from 50 to 150 mm in diameter. Equipped with a powerful 7.500W motor.

Drilling & holemaking solutions

In 2019, the TIB “Târgul Tehnic Internațional,” which means “International Technical Fair” in Romanian, and the Metal Show merged together. Now, every year they organize the Metal Show & TIB, the largest technical trade fair and exhibition for metalworking, technologies, and industrial equipment for metal processing in Romania. This year it will take place from Tuesday, 14. May to Friday, 17. May 2024 at the Romexpo Exhibition Center.

The Metal Show & TIB focuses on areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, automation, industrial communication and services, metallurgy, welding technology, transportation, and much more. It is accompanied by various conferences and seminars on current topics such as Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Internet of Things, human-machine interaction, innovation, and networking.

The Metal Show & TIB provides a platform to discover the latest innovations and trends, strengthen business relationships, and establish new partnerships. Don’t miss the chance to visit Electroconex‘ stand 92 at Pavilion B2! Meet our partner who will answer all your questions and offer insights into how our smart solutions can address your specific needs.