ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

The ABM-30 portable beveling machine performs auto-feed beveling on steel plates on the top, face, and bottom edges. The beveller needs no track to move along the steel plate to produce accurate high-quality double-side bevels without thermal distortion or creation of heat affected zone on plate thickness range 8-60 mm. The ABM-30 features an infinitely adjustable bevel angle between – 70 and + 70 degrees and is capable of producing bevels up to 30 mm wide. It also allows for facing in both directions, with the milling head depth of 1 mm.

  • 4-wheel drive eliminates the need for a guide track
  • self-propelled machine for consistent bevel geometry from edge to edge
  • control panel indicates the current work mode and gives safety and diagnostic information
  • capable of producing bevels up to 30 mm wide
  • infinite bevel angle adjustment from -70 to +70 degrees is quick and user-friendly
  • produces double-side bevels without having to flip the plate, enhancing safety and reducing material handling time and expense
  • feedback-controlled overload system to prevent motor damage
  • semi-automatic drive stop at the plate end
ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

Bevelling Angle

from -70° to 70°

Bevelling Width

30 mm

Facing Off

Plate thickness

max 60 mm

Top Bevelling

Bottom Beveling


Precise bevel angle setting

Convenient adjustment to plate thickness

Convenient control panel

Innovative and ergonomic bevel angle adjustment system with release lever requires no additional tools


Voltage1~ 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
1~ 110-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Power2200 W
Spindle rotational speed (without load)1800-5850 rpm
Feed speed0-2 m/min (0–6.5 ft/min)
Bevel angleFrom -70° to 70°
Maximum bevel width30 mm (1.18”)
Sheet thickness8-60 mm (0.3–2.3”)
Required ambient temperature5-40°C
Weight43 kg (94.8 lbs)

4002ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

WOZ-06902000000 Transportation and storage trolley

Bevelling Accessories

4000ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

GLW-000052 Milling head

Bevelling Accessories

ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

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ABM-30 | Chanfreineuse Automatique Sans Rail

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ABM-30 | Automatische Anfasmaschine

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ABM-30 | Smussatrice Con Avanzamento Automatico

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Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machines

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Anfasmaschinen für Bleche und Rohre

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Smussatrici per Lamiere e Tubi

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Machines à Chanfreiner

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Mașini de Șanfrenat Tablă și Țevi

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