BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

BM-20plus is an easy-to-use, portable heavy-duty machine designed for beveling steel plates and pipes prior to welding. The machine is fitted with two rotary milling heads, each holding five 4-sided indexable inserts, allowing smooth operation and exceptional efficiency. BM-20plus has a state-of-the-art electronic motor overload module protecting the operator, the machine, and the tooling. It is also equipped with guide rolls, which make it easy and light to operate.

  • Portable, heavy-duty machine
  • Maximum 21 mm bevel width
  • The continuously adjustable bevel angle between 15° and 60°
  • Fitted with two rotary milling heads for smooth and efficient operation
  • Continuous milling depth adjustment to fully control the beveling process
  • Automatic motor overload protection to prevent motor damage
  • Optional accessories extend the application possibilities of the BM-20plus for machining pipes, and round plates and creating a flat surface at the of the workpiece (facing off)
BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

Bevelling Angle

15° to 60°

Bevelling Width

21 mm

Top beveling

Facing off (option)

Round plate
beveling (option)

Plate beveling

Plate facing-off (option)

Round plate beveling (option)

Pipe beveling (option)


Power Supply1~ 110–120 V, 50–60 Hz
1~ 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz
Power1550/1600 W (for 50/60 Hz, at 220–240 V)
1700/1850 W (for 50/60 Hz, at 110–120 V)
1600 W (for 60 Hz, at 110–120 V)
Spindle speed2780–3340 rpm (at 230 V)
2740–3290 rpm (at 115 V)
ToolingTwo milling heads with 10 square cutting inserts
Maximum bevel width (b)21 mm (13/16’’) [drawing 1]
Bevel angle (β)15–60° [drawing 1]; 0° (option)
Weight22 kg (49 lbs)
Part numberUKS-0539-10-20-00-0 (230V/50Hz)
UKS-0539-10-10-00-0 (115V/60Hz)

Drawing 1
Maximum bevel width depending on the angle

3830BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

PLY-000282 Cutting insert for beveling 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)

Bevelling Accessories

3831BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

PLY-000591Cutting insert HD for beveling 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)

Bevelling Accessories

3922BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

ZSP-0075-32-00-00-1 Facing off attachment (0°)(enables beveling at zero degree)

Bevelling Accessories

3930BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

ZSP-0075-31-00-00-0 150-300 mm (6″-12″)

Bevelling Accessories

3926BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

ZSP-0075-31-00-00-1 260-600 mm (10″-24″)

Bevelling Accessories

3928BM-20plus | Portable Beveller

ZSP-0539-10-00-00-0 Round plate beveling attachment

Bevelling Accessories

BM-20plus | Portable Plate & Pipe Beveller

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BM-20plus | Tragbare Anfasmaschine

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BM-20plus | Smussatrice Portatile

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BM-20plus | Chanfreineuse Portable

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BM-20plus | Draagbare Afschuinmachine

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Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machines

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Anfasmaschinen für Bleche und Rohrechines

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Smussatrici per Lamiere e Tubi

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Machines à Chanfreiner

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Mașini de Șanfrenat Tablă și Țevi

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