PROMOTECH belongs to Cordless Alliance System (CAS) – a cross-manufacturer battery pack system of leading power tool brands. It was initiated by Metabo – the world’s most powerful battery pack system in the industry.

CAS system combines the spirit of innovation, high performance and the common goal to make professionals independent from the power socket.

It enables the users to conveniently interchange batteries and chargers among different power tools, regardless of the brand, as long as they are part of the CAS alliance. Everything fits everything: machines, batteries, and chargers from 37 respected power tool manufacturers.

Cut the cord – keep the power

CAS enables a variety of professional applications in battery technology, including standard tasks and special assignments in metalworking, construction, plumbing, woodworking, and other industries. The focus, however, is on 18V – the most important application range for professional users. Additionally, LiHD – the most powerful battery pack technology in the world is also 100% CAS compatible. The technology covers a performance range of 400 to 3200W and thus, offers enough power even for very energy-intense applications.

Being the CAS member PROMOTECH implements battery pack system in various products such as:

Welding and cutting tractorsMag drillsPipe bevellers
Gecko Battery >>
Mini Spider >>
Scorpio >>
Dragon Battery >>
PRO-36 Battery >>
PRO-36PM Battery >>
PRO-36R Battery >>
PRO-2 PB >>
PRO-5 PB >>

PROMOTECH cordless machines represent a comprehensive solution for professionals, offering flexibility, performance, and long-term value through its unique inter-brand compatibility.

LiHD (High Density Lithium Ion) battery packs used in PROMOTECH machines feature:

MORE POWERthan standard Lithium batteries thanks to busbars and larger contacts capable of handling high currents and 3x better conductivity thanks to cell connectors made of a specialized copper alloy
LONGER RUN TIMEthan standard Lithium batteries thanks to more active material in the new 21700 cells and use of higher-quality materials (silver and copper)
LONGER SERVICE LIFE AND EXTREMELY ROBUST DESIGNthan standard Lithium batteries thanks optimal protection against internal contamination through complete grouting and full protective coating on the electronic components, as well as an optimal seal on the top structure.
– The cells are protected by a rubber buffer and exterior rubber coating on the battery pack provides secure, non-slip stability and protects against impacts.

– The battery requires less frequent charging thanks to more usable cell energy
INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY– Patented Air Cooled charging technology enables the hot battery to be placed on the charger immediately
– The charger’s built-in Air-cooled system quickly cools the battery as the pack begins its charging cycle
EXTENDED THE LIFESPAN– A permanent Electronic Single Cell Protection when charging, which is designed to extend the lifespan of the battery
– Because each cell in the pack charges and discharges evenly

One battery, many possibilities

There is no doubt that the demand for battery-operated tools will increase among professionals in the near future. Applications that were previously reserved for the most powerful mains-powered machines are now possible without mains power.

Greater flexibility and portability
Cordless machines allow you to maneuver and move about freely without the hazard of tripping or tangling a cord. They are well-suited for the outdoor work in remote areas, where no power supply is available and battery-operated tools are more convenient to operate.

With dual batteries you can easy swab batteries and do your work without interruption. While you are using the tool, the other battery is being charged. Further developments in battery technology will facilitate even longer operating times and higher loads being possible with cordless power tools.

Inter-brand compatibility
CAS enables easy integration of over 300 machines, batteries, and chargers. Using tools of different brands, without the need of worrying about battery and charger compatibility, provides flexibility and convenience.

Increased Versatility
Having access to a wider range of tools and innovations across multiple brands within the CAS alliance, allows choosing of the best tool for each specific task or application.

Cost savings
By using the same set of batteries and chargers for different tools, users can save on purchasing batteries and chargers dedicated for each brand.

Enhanced Efficiency
High-quality and high-performance batteries ensure prolonged operation even in challenging conditions.

Future-proof investment
Guaranteed compatibility with future products introduced to the market, makes the CAS system a long-term investment.

Further information on PROMOTECH the battery-operated power tools:

Welding and cutting tractors:

Mag drills

Pipe bevellers

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