From 9 – 12 April 2024 Zagreb Fair in Croatian capital city is hosting an industrial double trade fair: BIAM & Welding – 27th International Machine Tool and Tools Fair and 30th International Welding and Anticorrosion Fair.

Promotech at BIAM & Welding (ZAVARIVANJE)

The BIAM & Welding (ZAVARIVANJE) takes place every two years and focuses on the latest advancements in metal processing and welding technology. This year’s edition is the largest in the past ten years, both in terms of the number of exhibitors and the size of the exhibition area. More than 11,000 square meters of exhibition space have been booked in 4 pavilions and 240 exhibitors from 26 countries have registered.

What PROMOTECH machines can you see at BIAM & Welding (ZAVARIVANJE)?

Don’t miss the chance to meet our partner in Croatia: Južni Prolaz d.o.o.: Hall 9, Booth 11 and check PROMOTECH comprehensive offer of bevellers, welding tractors and welding automation. Check how PROMOTECH machines can contribute to your success!

PROMOTECH Mini Spider >>  a CAS battery-powered welding tractor designed to produce continuous fillet welds using MIG/MAG torches.

PROMOTECH Lizard >>  a portable, programmable, trackless welding tractor designed to produce consistently high-quality welds.

PROMOTECH Gecko >> a portable trackless welding tractor that features a 4-wheel drive system with magnetic traction and a control loop feedback mechanism that provides speed stabilization in all welding positions.

PROMOTECH Rail Titan >> a fully modular mechanized tractor that can be custom configured for TIG-MIG-MAG welding, oxy-fuel, or plasma cutting and gouging applications on flat or curved plates, tubes and pipes.

PROMOTECH Rail Bull >> a digitally controlled welding tractor with an integrated linear oscillator that can move along rigid or semi-flexible tracks on flat and curved surfaces.

PROMOTECH OSC-8 >> pendulum oscillator which is designed to oscillate MIG/MAG torches with a diameter of 16–22 mm (5/8–7/8″). 

In Zagreb you will also have a great opportunity to check PROMOTECH WA 1000 >> automatic longitudinal welding with joint tracking system for structural beam types H, I, T, L, HKS, HSQ and tapered.

PROMOTECH BM-7 >> small and lightweight beveling machine for milling plates, pipes, and contour profiles 

PROMOTECH BM-18 >> portable multitask plate and pipe beveller driven by a powerful electric motor

PROMOTECH BM-25 >> an easy-to-use, portable, heavy-duty machine, enabling bevels up to 25 mm wide

All in all, Croatian BIAM & Welding is more than just a product showcase. It’s a platform to connect with fellow professionals, distributors, entrepreneurs, and investors, and discover new, smart solutions for heavy tasks.

Apart from the presentations of new technologies and systems in the field of metalworking, machine tools, laser technology, automation, welding processes and technology, you may enjoy daily lectures, educational workshops and live demonstrations led by industry experts.

BIAM & Welding’s partners include the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb, the Croatian Community of Innovators, HAMAG, BIOS – Entrepreneurship Incubator Osijek, Metalna Jezgra Čakovec, Rijeka Development Agency PORIN, Croatian Employment Service, RCK – Regional Center of Competence – Vocational High Schools, and Worcon.

Visit our Partner Južni Prolaz d.o.o. at Booth 11, Hall 9!