Vacuum Pad For Mag Drills

A vacuum pad is a special type of clamping device that enables compact mag drills to work effectively on non-ferrous materials, where it is impossible to fit the magnetic drill base directly to the workpiece. It is intended for use with stainless steel, aluminum, and thin carbon steel plates and materials with certain surface imperfections. Depending on the requirements and operating conditions, the pad can be powered by a vacuum supply or compressed air supply.

  • Simple and effective solution for clamping a drill with an electromagnetic base to a non-ferrous surface
  • Allows drilling into flat, thin, or non-ferrous materials
  • Two possible configurations with a portable vacuum pump incl. a safety reservoir (standard) or compressed air supply (optional) to choose from
  • Optional compressed air ejector enables use in many industrial plants and workshops where a compressed air pipe system is commonly used
  • suitable for Promotech mag drills: PRO-16, PRO-36, PRO-40, PRO-50, PRO-50TCT, PRO-51, PRO-52T, PRO-55 and PRO-55TCT and other brands as well
Vacuum Pad For Mag Drills

Set with portable vacuum pump

Portable vacuum pump with safety reservoir – ideal solution for working together with vacuum pad

Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills.
Product code: PDS-0587-10-00-00-0

  • AGR-0541-10-20-00-0 for 230 V
  • AGR-0541-10-10-00-0 for 115 V with UK plug

Set with compressed air ejector

The vacuum pad equipped with the compressed air ejector can be an effective solution in numerous industrial plants and workshops, where a compressed air pipe system is widely utilized.

Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills.
Product code: PDS-0587-10-00-00-0

Compressed air ejector


Technical specification – Vacuum Supply

Gauge pressure
(where 0 is for atmospheric pressure, and -1 is for perfect vacuum)
-0.8 bar (-11.5 psig)
ConnectionQuick coupling DN 7.2
Capacity4 m³/h (141 ft³/h)
Holding force
(at gauge pressure of -0.8 bar / -11.5 psig)
4800 N
3800 N
Minimum workpiece thickness5 mm
Drilling depth decrease 40 mm (1-9/16")
Dimensions488 mm x 214 mm x 107 mm
19-3/16" x 8-7/16" x 4-3/16"
Supply hose lenght2 m (6.5 ft)
Required ambient temperature1-40°C (34-104°F)
Weight7.5 kg (16.5lbs)

Technical specification – Compressed Air Supply

Supply6 bar (87 psi)
ConnectionQuick-coupling fitting DN 7.2
Air consumption4 m³/h (141 ft³/h)
Supply hose length2 m (6.5 ft)
Holding force
(at gauge pressure of -0.8 bar / -11.5 psig)
4800 N (0 meters above sea level)
3800 N (1500 meters above sea level)
Required ambient temperature1-40°C (34-104°F)
Weight0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Diameter of supply hose extension (if needed) 8 mm
Maximum total length of supply hose (including supply hose extension)
10 m

Equipment configurations

Using vacuum pad results in decreasing regular depth of cut by 40 mm. Maximum depth of cut depends on configuration in use.

MAXIMUM DEPTH OF CUT [mm]typelength
Annular cutter
50 mm extension + pilot pin

Product codePilot pin
length [mm]
Annular cutter typeCutter length
Drilling diameter
PLT-000020127HSS - Φ 6,34 mm pilot pin2512–50
PLT-000023153HSS - Φ 6,34 mm pilot pin5012–50
PLT-000021140TCT - Φ 6,34 mm pilot pin3512–17
PLT-000022145TCT - Φ 7,98 mm pilot pin3518–50
PLT-000023153TCT - Φ 6,34 mm pilot pin5012–17
PLT-000025160TCT - Φ 7,98 mm pilot pin5018–50

Vacuum Pad for Magnetic Drills

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Vakuumpad für Mag-Bohrer

1.84 MB
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Pad per Sottovuoto Dedicato ai Perforatori

1.40 MB
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Tampon Aspirateur pour Perceuses Mag

1.35 MB
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Vacuüm Onderstel voor Magneetboren

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Drilling & Punching Machines

5.69 MB
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Magnet-Bohrer Schienenbohrer Locher

3.05 MB
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Perforatori Magnetici Perforatori per Rotaie Punzonatrici

6.00 MB
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Mașini Pentru Găurire Filetare Perforare

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