PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

The frequency inverter ensures continuous speed adjustment and speed stabilization at the set value. They reduce time and effort for the welders, who can focus on their job with no need to constantly move around their workspace in order to get the best position. The compact design takes up minimal floor space and tilting up to 90 degrees improves the ergonomics of the workspace. The selection of various auxiliary accessories makes it possible to create an advanced modular welding station and customize it depending on required welding or cutting applications to maximize production efficiency.

  • Left or right rotation
  • Continuous speed adjustment
  • Speed stabilization within full speed range from 0,12 rpm up to 2,4 rpm
  • Start/Stop (both controller and foot pedal)
  • Arc ignition
  • Remote control
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lots of auxiliary accessories enable the building of a modular welding station tailored for various welding and cutting applications
PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner


PRO-WP 150PRO-WP 300
Voltage1~ 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz1~ 100–120 V, 50–60 Hz
Power0,25 kW0,25 kW
Speed range min/max0,12 - 2,4 rpm0,12 - 2,4 rpm
Max load capacity150 kg (331 lbs)300 kg (661 lbs)
Mass center offset from the table at a 90° tiltup to 100 mmup to 100 mm
Faceplate diameter450 mm (17.7”)630 mm (24.8”)
Hollow-shaft inside diameter28 mm (1.1”)28 mm (1.1”)
Tilting range with continuous angle adjustment0-90°0-90°
Max. welding current transfer400 A400 A
Weight115 kg (254 lbs)150 kg (330 lbs)
Product code:PZY-0681-10-10-00-0PZY-0682-10-10-00-0

4796PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

UCW-0681-20-00-00-0 | Keyless self-centering chuck

4794PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

UCW-0681-19-00-00-0 | Keyless self-centering chuck

4790PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

UCW-0681-18-00-00-0 | Lathe self-centering chuck D250

4792PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

UCW-0681-17-00-00-0 | Lathe self-centering chuck

4798PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

UCW-0681-14-00-00-0 | Torch Holder

4800PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

STJ-0709-10-00-00-0 | MINI C&B type PRO-WA

4802PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

ZSP-0466-14-00-00-0 | Cross slide assembly

4804PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

WSP-0681-16-00-00-0 | Roller support

4806PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

OSC-0497-10-00-00-0 | Pendulum Oscillator

4808PRO-WP 150 Welding Positioner

ZSL-0497-16-00-00-0 | Power Supply

PRO-WP 150 / PRO-WP 300 Weding Positioners

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