PRO-36 T3 | Drill for Special Applications

The machine, featuring an electromagnetic base, is tailored for operations involving steel profiles, highlighting its capacity to function effectively on materials with minimal thicknesses. It is specifically engineered to handle wall thicknesses as thin as 3 mm. This capability is achieved through a unique design that optimizes the distribution of the magnetic field, ensuring that the holding force remains robust and comparable to that of a conventional base interacting with materials of double the thickness.

This innovative approach to magnetic field distribution means that the machine’s electromagnetic base can maintain a strong, reliable grip on extremely thin materials. This feature is particularly advantageous for precision work on thin steel profiles, where maintaining stability and accuracy is crucial. The ability to work effectively on such thin materials opens up new possibilities for construction and manufacturing projects, making this machine a valuable tool for professionals seeking versatility and efficiency in their operations.

PRO-36 T3 | Drill for Special Applications


Motor speed (under load)350 rpm
Power1020 W
Weight11 kg (24 lbs)
Max milling capacity36 mm (1 7/16’’)
Max drilling capacity12 mm (1 9/16’’)
Stroke70 mm (2 3/4’’)
Max depth of cut51 mm (2’’)
Voltage1~ 110–120 V, 50–60 Hz
1~ 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz
MFSC (Magnetic Field Shape Control)yes
Magnetic base holding force918 kgf (9 000 N)
Magnetic base dimensions100 mm × 200 mm × 38 mm 3.94’’ × 7.87× 1.5’’
Minimum workpiece thickness3 mm (0.12’’) for rigid steel profiles 3 - 6 mm (0.12” - 0.24’’) to be careful
Tool holder19 mm (3/4’’) Weldon
Product Code (110-120V)WRT-0440-10-10-04-4
Product Code (220-240V)WRT-0440-10-20-04-4

PRO -36 | Drills For Special Applications

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PRO-36 | Bohrmaschinen Für Spezielle Anwendungen

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PRO-36 | Perforatore Per Applicazioni Speciali

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