ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

ABM-28 self-propelled machine produces accurate high-quality double-sided bevels without thermal distortion or creation of heat affected zone. The machine can work in both travel directions, eliminating the hard physical work of the operator. ABM-28 features an infinitely adjustable bevel angle between – 60 and + 60 and is capable of producing bevels up to 28 mm wide.

  • Auto feed beveling on steel plates on top, face, and bottom edges
  • The continuously adjustable bevel angle between 60 and minus 60 degrees – no need to rotate or flip heavy material, enhancing safety and reducing material handling time and expense
  • Max. bevel width from 28 up to 35 mm depending on the beveled angle
  • Variable feed control for work on a variety of steel grades and thicknesses up to 35 mm as standard or optionally up to 70 mm thickness
  • Motor overload protection to prevent motor damage
  • Additional guide tracks are joinable to accomplish the required run length
  • J-groove beveling available as an option
ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

Bevelling Angle

from 60 to -60°

Bevelling Width

max 35 mm

Plate thickness

max 35 mm
36-70 mm (option)

Facing off

Clad removal (option)

depth up to 5 mm (1/5")
width up to 25 mm (1")

Top bevelling

Bottom bevelling

Facing Off

J-groove bevelling (Bevelling thick plates)

Clad Removal


Voltage~220–240 V, 50–60 Hz
Power1600 W
Spindle speed (no load)2780 rpm
Bevel angle (ß)60 to –60°
Maximum bevel width (b)35 mm (1.38’’)
Feed speed250 – 500 mm/min
Plate thicknessmax 35 mm, 36-70 mm (option)
Weight (machine with 1 guide track)53.5 kg (118 lbs)

3825ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

GLW-000013 Standard Milling head (7 inserts required)

Bevelling Accessories

3830ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

PLY-000282 Cutting insert for beveling 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)

Bevelling Accessories

3831ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

PLY-000591Cutting insert HD for beveling 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)

Bevelling Accessories

3855ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

GLW-0518-07-03-00-0 J-groove R6 milling head (6 inserts R6 required)

Bevelling Accessories

3860ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

PLY-000422 Cutting insert for J-groove R6 end preparation

Bevelling Accessories

3861ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

GLW-0518-07-04-00-0 J-groove R8 milling head (5 inserts R8 required)

Bevelling Accessories

3862ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

PLY-000424 Cutting insert for J-groove R8 end preparation

Bevelling Accessories

3863ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

ZSP-0518-13-00-00-0 Guide track L=1200mm (47.25″)

Bevelling Accessories

3871ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

UST-0152-99-02-00-0 Track clamp for 10-35mm thick plates

Bevelling Accessories

3873ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

UST-0152-15-01-00-1 Track clamp for 36-70 mm thick plates

Bevelling Accessories

3875ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

ZCS-0152-99-00-00-0 Clamp for 10-35 mm thick plates

Bevelling Accessories

3877ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

ZCS-0152-99-01-00-0 Clamp for 36-70 mm thick plates

Bevelling Accessories

3879ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

WSP-0518-03-00-00-0 Milling unit support for beveling 10-35mm thick plates from -60° to 60°

Bevelling Accessories

3881ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

WSP-0518-04-00-00-0 Milling unit support for beveling 36-70 mm thick plates at 0° to 60° (incl. facing)

Bevelling Accessories

3883ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

WSP-0518-05-00-00-0 Milling unit support for beveling 36-70 mm thick plates at 0° to -60°

Bevelling Accessories

3885ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

ZST-0518-07-00-00-0 12° Angle attachment with height adjustment

Bevelling Accessories

3887ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveler

ZST-0518-09-00-00-0 Clad removal attachment incl. milling unit support and 3 track clamps for up to 35 mm thick plate

Bevelling Accessories

ABM-28 | Auto Feed Plate Beveller

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ABM-28 | Tragbare Anfasmaschine mit Automatischem Vorschub

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ABM-28 | Smussatrice Portatile ad Avanzamento Automatico

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ABM-28 | Chanfreineuse Automatique Portable

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ABM-28 | Draagbare Afschuinmachine met Automatische Doorvoer

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Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machines

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Anfasmaschinen für Bleche und Rohre

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Smussatrici per Lamiere e Tubi

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Machines à Chanfreiner

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Mașini de Șanfrenat Tablă și Țevi

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