PRO-40 PBS | Stationary Pipe Beveling Machine


PRO-40 PBS pipe beveling machine is designed for beveling and facing pipes, tanks or tubes. High-speed rotary milling head with replaceable inserts enables effective and efficient work in a fraction of the time compared to traditional single point machining.


Pipe OD beveling
Facing off
Pipe ID beveling
Pipe J-groove beveling
Bevel angle from -60° to 60°
Min. wall thickness 5mm
Max bevel width 45mm
Pipe OD 200-1000mm

Key Features

Use of heavy duty milling head in PRO 40 PBS offers accurate bevels in a fraction of the time compared to traditional single point machining. This feature saves time and money by excellent efficiency. Internal and J-groove bevelling are available on request. PRO-40 PBS makes beveling and facing pipes less time consuming and more efficient.

Range of diameters from 200mm up to 1000mm (8-40”)

Operations with optional milling heads


Pipe OD Bevelling

Facing off tubes

Pipe ID Bevelling

Optional Oval Pipe Tracking

Heavy Duty Pipe Support

Pipe J-groove bevelling


Make sure you are familiar with Promotech PRO 40 PBS brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

Demo video

PRO-40 PBS | Chanfreineuse pour tubes

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Technical specification

 PRO-40 PBS | Stationary Pipe Beveling Machine
Power supply1~ 208 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
3~ 208 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
External pipe diameter range200 - 1000mm (8”– 40”) pipes longer than 830mm; 200 – 600 mm (8”– 23-5/8”) pipes of 400-830mm length
Maximum allowed pipe weight
10 000 kg (22 000 lbs)*, if active support equipped with optional steel rollers
Min. pipe wall thickness
5 mm (3/16’’)
Pipe fixing
mechanical with chain
Feed rate
100-1100 mm/min
Beveling angle range
0-60° or -60° to 0° (option)
with continuous angle adjustment
Max OD bevel width
45 mm (1-3/4”)
Max ID bevel width
5mm (1/4”) standard; up to 20mm (“13/16) - option
Beveling type „J”
„J” type beveling radius
0.24“ / 6 mm or 0.31“ / 8 mm

Standard PRO-40 PBS parts and accessories

Standard shipping set:

  • stationary pipe beveling machine
  • active support (with plastic rollers)
  • passive support (with steel rollers)
  • standard milling head with 7 cutting inserts
  • set of guiding chains
  • 10 mm hex wrench
  • 8 mm hex wrench
  • 5 mm hex wrench
  • torx T15P screwdriver
  • Operator’s Manual
  • wooden box

Beveling – standard accessories

  • GLW-00001 – Standard Milling head (7 inserts required)
  • PLY-000282 – Cutting inserts for beveling 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)
  • SRB-000311 – Insert fixing screw for PLY-000282

J-Groove Beveling – option

  • GLW-000014 J-groove R6 milling head (6 inserts R6 required)
  • PLY-000198 Cutting insert for J groove R6 end preparation 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)
  • SRB-000297 Insert fixing screw for PLY-000198
  • GLW-000015 J-groove R8 milling head (5 inserts R8 required)
  • PLY-000201 Cutting insert for J groove R8 end preparation 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)
  • SRB-000367 Insert fixinig screw for PLY-000201

Internal Beveling – option

  • GLW-0436-19-00-00-0 Milling head for internal beveling
  • PLY-000282 Cutting inserts for beveling 1pc (sold 10pcs/box)
  • SRB-000311 Insert fixing screw for PLY-000282

Beveling of short pipes – option

  • DCS-0436-12-00-00-0 Clamping device for short pipes of 400-830mm length

Beveling of oval pipes – option

  • WSP-0436-24-00-00-0 Oval pipe tracking attachment Available either with brand new machine or for retrofitting

Beveling pipes up to 10 tons -option

  • KOL-0436-23-00-00-0 Steel roll for active pipe support 1pc (4pcs required)
  • DCS-0436-25-10-00-0 Clamping device for short Stainless Steel pipes
  • KOL-000077 Wheel with Vulkollan tire 1pc (2 pcs needed)
  • RLK-0436-25-11-00-0 Stainless Steel roll foroval pipe tracking attachment