SBM-500 | Stationary Bevelling Machine


Stationary beveller for machining straight edges of different size workpieces. Modern design, numbers of advanced control systems and innovative solutions streamlines workflow to maximize your production efficiency.

Edge Beveling
Bevel width up to 30 mm
Bevel angles 15° - 60° continuous adjustment
Workpiece height
from 3 mm up to 100 mm
Min. workpiece width 50 mm
(30 mm option)
Min. workpiece length 150 mm
Pipe OD beveling
from 50 mm up to 150 mm

Key features

  • very high surface quality
  • precise setting of bevel angle from 15 up to 60 degrees and bevel width up to 30 mm
  • continuous adjustment of spindle speed and feed rate make it suitable for different types of steel and aluminum
  • high speed rotary milling head equipped with 10 inserts
  • cutting inserts dedicated to various materials
  • no heat affected zones or distortion of the workpiece
  • easy access to milling head and cutting inserts
  • workpiece height up to 100 mm
  • powerful 7.500 W motor
  • 3D contact wheel control ensures proper workpiece alignment in relation to milling head
  • ergonomic ball roller bench
  • swarf drawer
  • supplementary tables to ccommodate long workpieces (option)
  • pipe beveling attachment for pipes 50-150 mm (2-6”) OD (option)
  • plate attachment for narrow workpieces with a minimum width of 30 mm (option)
High speed rotary milling head equipped
with 10 inserts
Precise bevel angle adjustment
Simple setting of bevel width
Auxiliary tables to accommodate long workpieces
Posibility of pipe OD beveling
Attachment for narrow workpieces
Suitable for various materials incl. different types of steel and aluminium
Capacious swarf drawer
Easy access to milling head and inserts
Very high surface quality

Technical Specification

Voltage3~ 400 VAC + N+PE, 50/60 Hz
Power7500 W
Spindle speed (no load)500 - 2920 rpm
Feed rateup to 3.3 m/min
Feed by contact wheelYES
Bevel angle range15 - 60° with continuous angle adjustment
Bevel widthup to 30 mm
Milling head with 7 insertsYES
Min. dimensions of a bar50x150x3 mm
Max. workpiece heightup to 100 mm
Weight850 kg
Product Code:UKS-0573-10-00-00-0



Make sure you are familiar with Promotech SBM – 500 brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machines

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SBM-500 | Smussatrice Fissa

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Smussatrici per Lamiere e Tubi

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Machines à Chanfreiner

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Milling head

Auxiliary table for long workpieces

Cutting insert for steel (10pcs required)

Cutting insert for aluminum (10pcs required)

Pipe beveling attachment for pipes 50-150 mm (2-6”) OD

Narrow plate attachment

Demo video