Promotech Becomes New CAS Partner

We’re proud to announce that Promotech has become a part of the CAS and adds two welding tractors and one cordless drill to the cordless alliance.

Nürtingen/Bialystok, February 2022

At Promotech, quality is the top priority. This is also the reason why the specialist from Poland chose CAS (Cordless Alliance System). “We use only the highest quality components to manufacture our products. Of course, this also applies to the battery technology. In deciding to join the CAS Alliance, we followed our promise of quality. We wanted to equip our machines with the most powerful battery packs on the market and offer our customers even more added value. In the future, they will be able to combine battery packs as they wish on numerous different, high-quality brand-name machines. This not only saves money, it also makes the entire workday much easier. One battery fits everything. That’s what convinced us,” says Bohdan Zaleski, Partner – VP Sales at Promotech. The company from Poland is contributing two welding tractors and one cordless drill to the cross-brand battery alliance initiated by Metabo, with further devices to follow. “With Promotech, CAS has gained another strong partner,” says Henning Jansen, CEO of the power tool manufacturer Metabo from Nürtingen. “Promotech brings brand new machines to the alliance with its welding tractors, so we can expand our offering for metal specialists even further. And ‘expand’ is the right keyword when it comes to CAS. A lot is happening in the battery alliance, and more strong partners will follow. Because we want to offer every user the right machines.”

Specialists for welding and drilling

The two battery welding tractors from Promotech – Mini Spider and Gecko Battery – are the right choice when it comes to high-quality welds and continuous welding with MIG / MAG torches. Both welding tractors are equipped with a fourwheel drive with magnetic traction and feedback circuit – the magnet system keeps the tractor in position and the feedback circuit ensures a smooth speed and consistent heat input that reduces distortion and enables particularly precise weld bead geometry. The two welding tractors produce consistent high-quality welds in a fraction of the time required by hand welding, reduce costly over welding and decrease filler metal usage by as much as sixty percent. The Mini Spider is very compact and lightweight, making it ideal for working in confined spaces and for edge-to-edge welding since the torch can be attached to either side of the machine. The Gecko Battery is suitable for variety of straight line and irregular surface applications down to minimum radius of 1000 millimeters (40”) and is widely used for trailer manufacturing, construction of oil and water storage tanks, shipbuilding and many others. It can be equipped with different guide arms and flexible tracks to work with carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The Gecko Battery is also capable of carrying and controlling two torches. Both tractors are compact, portable and can be carried anywhere. Promotech does not only offer welding tractors, but also has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of mag drills, pneumatic drills, rail drills, and hydraulic punchers to meet various needs for holemaking processes. The newest cordless drilling machine PRO-30 Battery will also be part of CAS. The machine is powered by either 4.0 Ah or 10.0 Ah LiHD battery packs and enables milling capacity up to 30 millimeters and a cutting depth up to 50 millimeters. The new drill will be soon available on the market, more devices to follow.

100% compatibility for over 300 machines in the 18 V class!

The two battery welding tractors from Promotech – Mini Spider and Gecko Battery– are the right choice when it comes to high-quality welds and continuouswelding with MIG / MAG torches.

Quality connects

Promotech, based in Bialystok, Poland, was founded in 1987. The first products the company launched were magnetic and electromagnetic worktables and chucks. Today, the product portfolio contains more than 300 products, including a comprehensive range of mag drills and hydraulic punchers, pipe and plate bevellers, portable welding tractors and custom-made solutions including pipe shape cutting, MIG/MAG & SAW welding and oxy-fuel or plasma cutting. The Polish company employs around 300 people at two production sites and sells its products internationally – more than 93 percent of production is exported.

Promotech relies on the highest quality standards for its innovations – all products are CEcertified, produced in Poland and undergo the strictest quality controls. “Our claim fits perfectly with the Battery Alliance. We are convinced that our machines will be even better with Metabo battery technology and that our brand will gain even more visibility through CAS. At Promotech, we always want to get better and keep moving, and with CAS we can,” sums up Zaleski. Promotech is one of currently 27 CAS manufacturers where all batteries and chargers are 100% compatible, and all machines and devices can be operated with one battery

About CAS

The Cordless Alliance System (CAS) is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system initiated by the Nürtingen power tool manufacturer Metabo. In the summer of 2018, CAS started with nine power tool manufacturers and machine manufacturers from different sectors. Currently, the following companies are part of CAS: Metabo, Rothenberger, Mafell, Eisenblätter, Collomix, Haaga, Electrostar (Starmix), Eibenstock, Steinel, Rokamat, Elried/edding, Birchmeier, fischer, Prebena, Cembre, Pressfit and Jöst abrasives, Gesipa, Trumpf, Monti, Baier, Scangrip, Cemo, ITH Bolting Technology, Spewe, Lamello und Promotech.

Within this battery pack system that is unique in the industry, all machines of the CAS partners are one hundred percent compatible with one battery pack and can be combined at will. Based on the powerful Metabo, CAS unites different trades under one roof and thus offers professional users the freedom to work with standard and special products of different manufacturers mobile and flexibly far away from any power outlet.