Modular Welding Stations

Promotech offers modular workstation capable of circumferential welding of pipe elements, flanges and fasteners such as elbows, tees etc. The modular design allows for versatile use and easy adaptation of the system devices to perform various applications such as welds with oscillation, hard facing and many others.

  • User-friendly control panel to set and monitor process parameters
  • speed stabilization within full speed range from 0,12 rpm up to 2,4 rpm
  • continuous speed adjustment
  • setting and reading of key welding parameters in cm (inches) and cm/min or inches/min
  • arc ignition control with pre- and post-crater fill adjustment
  • left and right rotation
  • heavy-duty construction
  • recommended cooperation with an optional Mini C&B System in order to configure an advanced modular welding station
Modular Welding Stations

Especificaciones Técnicas

Premium 300Premium 750
Speed range min/max0,12 – 2,4 rpm0,035 - 1,4 rpm
Max load capacity300 kg750 kg
Mass center offset at a 900 tiltup to 100mmup to 150 mm
Faceplate diameter630 mm920 mm
Tilt angle range0–90°0-135°
Tilt angle adjustmentmanuallymotorized
Hollow-shaft inside dimeter28 mm28 mm
Max welding current transfer400 A550-600A
Voltage220–240 V, 50–60 Hz 100–120 V, 50–60 Hz3x400V 50/60 Hz

Modular Welding Stations

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