WA-1500 SAW | Submerged Arc Welding System

WA-1500 SAW

Automatic longitudinal top quality SAW welding of long structural Box beams and H, I, T. Single or multi-pass automatic fillet/butt welding with mechanical-electro joint tracking system. Significantly efficient production with improved weld quality.


Features and benefits

  • automatic fillet and butt welding with joint tracking
  • multi-pass welding
  • one-man operation
  • reduction of costly over-welding and decrease of filler metal usage
  • minimized welding defects and grinding
  • reduced non-productive time
  • ergonomic machine control with user friendly multiple language interface
  • double-sided SAW welding
  • 2 supports with 2 welding heads
  • increased work safety
  • Working range: height 1500 mm; width 1500 mm outside
  • Welding equipment: SAW
  • Welding parameters (limits): max. current 700A; wire up to 4.0 mm
  • Wire source: 20-30 kg spools (default) or 100 kg drums
  • Tracks: adhesion traction
  • Standard platform trolley: for welding sources
  • Auxiliary platform trolley: for optional components (e.g. advanced flux recovery system and/or wire drums)
  • Column beam position: on the left or right side depending on customer’s preference


Make sure you are familiar with Promotech WA-1500 SAW | Submerged Arc Welding System brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

Technical specification

Length of track / welding13 m / 10 m
Customized length upon request
Max workpiece height1.5 m (60”)
Max welding speedUp to 1 m / min.
Possibility to implement additional functionality e.g. welding length, intermittent weldsYES
Max. welding current700 A
Possibility of changing welding parameters during welding process “on the fly”Option
Basic flux recovery systemYes
Advanced flux recovery systemUpon request