OSC-8 | Pendulum Weave Welder

OSC-8 | Pendulum Weave Welder

OSC-8 is suitable for MIG/MAG automate processes in heavy fabrication industries such as: pipeline and bridge construction, shipbuilding and tank welding.

Main features and benefits:

  • lightweight and compact design
  • two control modes: manual and external start
  • four adjustable parameters (oscillation width,
  • oscillation speed, oscillation dwell time on ends)
  • simple control panel (four knobs)
  • can work as stand-alone device or be a part of more advanced welding system
  • optimal solution for various welding applications
  • real improvement of the welding process
  • uniform and high quality welding
  • supply voltage 14-24 V (direct connection to the welding carriage or an external automation system)
  • optional power supply 115 VAC or 230 VAC

Key features

The OSC 8 pendulum oscillator is designed to oscillate MIG/MAG torches with the diameter of 16–22 mm (5/8–7/8”). The oscillator is installed onto a 22 mm (7/8”) diameter rod and connected to a welding device. It can be controlled manually or by using an external START-STOP switch. Using an optional freestanding support allows welding of rotating pipes or moving plates. An optional power supply allows connecting the oscillator to a 230 V or 115V power source.

Depending on welding system configuration in use the oscillator can work in either manual or external start mode and be connected to:

Welding circuit

Power supply

or welding tractor

OSC-8 along with Freestanding Support

The support is designed to hold MIG/MAG torches with the handle diameter of 16–22 mm (5/8–7/8’’). This allows welding of either rotating pipes or moving plates. Configuration with pendulum weave welder OSC-8 allows welding with oscillation.

Product code: STJ-0629-10-00-00-0

Torch typeMIG/MAG
Torch handle diameter16–22 mm (5/8–7/8")
Arm horizontal stroke560 mm (22")
Arm vertical stroke640 mm (25’’)
Weight15.3 kg (34 lbs)

OSC-8 along with Rail Bull 2 tractor

OSC-8 along with Rail Tug tractor


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Technical Specification

Voltage14–24 V DC
Power50 W
Torch typeMIG/MAG
Torch diameter16–22 mm (5/8–7/8”)
Oscillation typePendulum
Oscillation width at r=150 mm (6”)1–30 mm (1–100%)
1/32–1-3/16” (1–100%)
Oscillation speed at oscillation width of 10 mm (3/8”) and zero dwell time on ends12–115 cycles/min (1–100%)
Oscillation dwell time on ends0–3 s
Maximum torque8 N•m (5.7 lb•ft)
Required ambient temperature0–50°C (32–122°F)
Weight2 kg (4 lbs)
Product code:OSC-0497-10-00-00-0