New mid-range drill family

New mid-range drill family

The right choice of drilling machine for a specific application can increase process productivity and extend tool life, especially when drilling many holes of the same size.

Promotech is introducing a new family of drills that are designed for maximum milling/drilling performance. Customers can choose from 6 models with various toolholders including:

  • Thread 1/2”
  • Weldon 19.05 mm (3/4″)
  • Morse Taper #2.

These new drills are optimized for work with HSS cutters, TCT cutters or twist drills.

Increased productivity and extended tool life

The design of the new drills is based on well proven electric motor successfully used for many years in the PRO-40 drilling machines.

  • Most of the components are common between the new models, which allows for flexibility in production, shorter delivery times and immediate response to market demand for specific versions of new drills.
  • All drills are equipped with smart electromagnetic bases, including many advanced systems.
  • Magnetic power adhesion control module (MPAC) detects adhesive force and protects both the machine and the operator from work on too thin work pieces.
  • Magnetic field shape control system (MFSC) provides maximum holding power on thin materials.
  • Energy Saving Base (ESB) uses only 50% of its power when the motor is not running.
  • Compact design allows the operator to drill very close to side wall and corners.

Features and benefits of new mid-range drill family:

  • Wide selection of 6 models tailored to certain drilling applications
  • Purpose designed motor proven for many years in the PRO-50 drill
  • Heavy-duty gear boxes optimized to match the appropriate speed of specific tools in use
  • Innovative smart magnet with reduced weight
  • Compact design with excellent ratio weight / power
  • Various toolholders
  • Rigid design to extend tool life
  • Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC)
  • Magnetic Power Adhesion Control (MPAC)
  • Energy Saving Base (ESB)

Drilling capacity up to 16 mm (0.63″) – with cylindrical shank twist drill in use
Drilling capacity up to 23 mm (0.91″) – with MT2 shank twist drill in use

Out of position drilling

Milling capacity up to 55 mm (2.17”). Depth of cut up to 75 mm (3”)