PRO-76 | Industrial Mag Drill


PRO-76 is multifunction mag base drill with Morse Taper No. 3. It is equipped with motor overload protection system, mechanical gear box with continuous speed adjustment – which works in two speed ranges. It can also be ordered with a 15 degree swivel base as PRO-76+.


Motor power
1650 W
Motor speed (under load)
80÷160 / 210÷420 rpm
27 kg
Core drill
max Ø 76 mm
Twist drill
max Ø 32 mm
max Ø 63 mm
Depth of cut
up to 76 mm
225 mm

Key features

PRO-76 | Industrial Mag Drill
Unique semi-automatic gib adjustment system (patent pending) enables simple, fast and always correct fine tuning without any expert knowledge or experience. Replaceable spline at the end of armature shaft eliminates laborious and expensive armature maintenance. Compact design allows for drilling very close to vertical surface. PRO 76 is also equipped with electromagnetic base featuring magnetic field shape control system (MFSC) and magnetic power adhesion control module (MPAC), which detects adhesive force of electromagnetic base and protects both the machine and the operator from work on too thin workpieces. Standard shipping set of PRO 76 includes MT3 Arbor with 19 mm (3/4”) Weldon Bore that accepts cutters up to 60 mm diameter. Optional MT3 Arbor with 32 mm (1-1/4”) Weldon Bore for cutters of larger diameters is available.

  • purpose designed motor with heavy duty gear box
  • electronic speed control
  • electronic speed stabilization system
  • maintenance friendly design
  • gear box and slide system made as one piece
  • maintenance friendly rail guide system

Compatible with wide range of tooling

HSS cutters
Standard Arbor with 19mm Weldon shank

TCT cutters
Standard Arbor with 19mm Weldon shank

Large HSS & TCT cutters
Optional Arbor with 32mm Weldon shank

Twist Drills
Morse Taper No. 3


Make sure you are familiar with Promotech PRO-76 | Industrial Mag Drill brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

PRO-76 | Industrial Mag Drill

Size: 2.1 MB Type: PDF

Drilling & Punching Machines

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Standard shipping set:

  • Magnetic Base Drilling Machine
  • Metal Box
  • MT3 Arbor with 19 mm Bore – Through Spindle Continuous Cooling
  • Swarf Shield/Cutter Guard
  • Coolant Bottle Assembly, Safety Chain with Snap Hook, Set of Tools with Wedge
  • Operator’s Manual (English)
  • Standard shipping weight – 40 kg (86 lbs 5 oz)

Selected additional accessories:

  • UCW-0191-00-00-00-0 Through Spindle Continuous Cooling Arbor MT3-32 Weldon Bore
  • UCW-0285-03-00-02-0 Quick Change Continuous Cooling Arbor MT3- 19 Weldon
  • PDS-0111-03-00-01-0 DMP0501 Pipe Attachment

Technical Specification

Industrial Mag Drill
Multifunctional Mag Drill
Universal Mag Dril
Motor speed (under load)80÷160 / 210÷420 rpm80÷160 / 210÷420 rpm200 or 400 rpm
Continuous speed adjustmentYESYESNO
Motor power1650 W1650 W1260 W
Weight27 kg27 kg16,5 kg
Tool holder19 mm (3/4") or
32mm (1-1/4”) Weldon
19 mm (3/4") or
32mm (1-1/4”) Weldon
19 mm (3/4") Weldon
Min. workpiece thickness10 mm (3/8")10 mm (3/8")8 mm (5/16")
Max milling capacityØ 76 mm (3")Ø 76 mm (3")Ø 51 mm (2")
Max drilling capacityØ 32 mm (1-1/4")Ø 32 mm (1-1/4")Ø 23 mm (7/8")
Max countersinkingØ 63 mm (2-1/2")Ø 63 mm (2-1/2")Ø 51 mm (2")
Max depth of cut76 mm (3")76 mm (3")51 mm (2")
Max tap sizeM24 (tapping attachment required)M24 (G ¾”)NO
Stroke225 mm (8-7/8")225 mm (8-7/8")153 mm (6")
Swivel base+/- 15° and +/- 15mm (+/- 9/16”)+/- 15° and +/- 15mm (+/- 9/16”)NO
Power supply115V/60Hz or 230V 50/60Hz115V/60Hz or 230V 50/60Hz115V/60Hz or 230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption1800 W1800 W1300 W
Overload protectionYESYESNO
Magnetic clamping force1988 KG (19500 N) /25mm, Ra=1,25/1988 KG (19500 N) /25mm, Ra=1,25/1224 KG (12000 N) /25mm, Ra=1,25/
Magnet base dimensions110 x 220 x 56 mm
4-5/16 x 8-11/16 x 2-3/16 (")
110 x 220 x 56 mm
4-5/16 x 8-11/16 x 2-3/16 (")
90 x 180 x 48 mm
16 x 7-1/16 x 1-7/8 (")
MPAC (Magnetic Power Adhesion Control)YESYESYES
MFSC (Magnetic Field Shape Control)YESYESYES
ESB (Energy Saving Base)NONOYES
ESSS (Electronic Speed Stabilization System)YESYESNO
Semi-automatic gib backlash adjustmentYESYESYES