Gecko | Fillet Welding Carriage

Gecko / Gecko HS

Gecko is a portable fillet welder designed to produce consistent high-quality welds. Constant and repeatable travel speed enables weld bead geometry that is exact to the required specifications. Gecko HS with increased horizontal speed is suitable for both speed welding and plasma cutting.

Continuous welding
Welding in horizontal and vertical positions
Min concave radius 1000 mm
Min convex radius 1000 mm
Dual torch welding
Dual Arc Ignition
Horizontal speed 0–110 cm/min
Vertical speed 0–100 cm/min

Primary features and benefits:

Gecko / Gecko HS | Fillet Welding Carriage

We can easily say, that Gecko is one of the most popular welding carriages. It has a lot of very useful features, that make him an unquestionable leader in PROMOTECHs catalogue. It is not only compact, but also lightweight, making it really easy to use. Also, it is made of aluminum cast housing that provides additional durability. Thanks to the use of positive magnetic traction, we can use it in any position needed. The Gecko welding carriage is capable of carrying and controlling two torches and to consistently input heat thus reducing distortion. PROMOTECH also provided it with a possibility of plasma cutting! If you want more information about its features, check the technical properties

High speed welding tractor

Gecko is capable of going 220 cm (86.6 inches) per minute horizontally. That is an extraordinary speed, that will surely increase the efficiency of any production process. This feature allows the Gecko welding carriage, to be used for both speed welding and plasma cutting.

Gecko – where and how can we use it?

Gecko welding carriage has been purchased by many companies, sometimes from completely different industries. PROMOTECH has noted sales in branches like:

  • Trailer manufacturing
  • Truck tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Water storage tanks
  • Transformers
  • Shipyards
  • Any application demanding a long, continuous fillet weld

This proves that their products are of top quality and can be used in any industry or branch.

  • Compact, lightweight design with durable aluminum cast housing
  • Convenient Power Supply 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz or 42 V, 50–60 Hz
  • Positive magnetic traction permits out of position use
  • Magnet on/off lever permits easy set up and adjustment on work piece
  • Maintenance free 4-wheel drive with worm gear reduction
  • Heat resistant silicone wheels
  • Quick clamping Torch Holder mechanism for different types of MIG/MAG torches with diameters of 16-22 mm (5/8” – 7/8”); optionally up to 35 mm (1-3/8”)
  • Precise torch adjustment with screw drive cross slide
  • Multifunctional LED display – presetting of travel speed, error codes information
  • Closed loop speed control system stabilizes travel speed to reduce weld defects and costly rework
  • Consistent heat input reduces distortion
  • Reduced wasted filler metal – eliminates over welding
  • Automatic arc on/off system initiates welding with travel, simultaneously
  • Capable of carrying and controlling 2 torches
  • Self-guiding roller arms eliminate the need for track
  • Multi-surface guiding with user-friendly adjustment of tractor position
  • Improves working environment – removes operator from heat and fumes
  • Plasma cutting possible

Multifunctional led display

Multi surface guides

Dual torch welding

Continous welding

Precise torch adjustment

Welding in vertical positions

Gecko applications

Welding applications

  • Trailer manufacturing
  • Truck tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Water storage tanks
  • Transformers
  • Shipyards
  • Any application demanding a long, continuous fillet weld

Gecko versions

GECKO HS (High Speed) New special version for specific applications is available now GECKO HS (High Speed) with increased horizontal speed up to 220 cm/min (86.6 in/min) is suitable for both speed welding and plasma cutting.

Lots of optional accessories make Gecko fit for a specific use including cutting and welding of stainless steel constructions.

System build

It features 4-wheel drive system with magnetic traction and a control loop feedback mechanism which provides speed stabilization in all welding positions.

  1. Drive unit with control panel
  2. Magnetic adhesion release lever
  3. Weld contact / Arc ignition socket
  4. Power supply coupling
  5. Adjustable guide arm
  6. Quick clamp torch holder
  7. Main power switch (0/I)
  8. Cross slide assembly

The newest improved guide arms family makes a proper welding tractor positioning even easier.

  • 7 different guide types are dedicated to various welding applications and positions
  • include a number of fixing grooves for your convenience
  • enable simpler, easier and more consistent adjustment of how guide arms stick out
  • secure proper tilting of the carriage into a direction of its movement
  • maintain a permanent contact with the workpiece
  • allow either interval or continuous guide arms adjustment

Continuous adjustment of a degree how much the guide arms stick out.

Each new guide arm has got a number of indented grooves only on one side. All types of guide arms are available in pairs of 2 pcs: right and left.

Interval adjustment of a degree how much the guide arms stick out

Gecko flexible track

Depending on sort of fixing units in use with flexible trackway, Gecko and Gecko HS welding tractors are suitable for applications with carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

1. PRW-0466-71-00-00-0
Flexible trackway length 1.88 m (6.1 ft).
Minimum curvature radius of 1.25 m (4.1 ft)

2. DYS-0466-71-04-00-0
Bracket for vacuum modular units for flexible trackway

3. DYS-0466-71-05-00-0
Bracket for magnetic units for flexible trackway

Aluminum track support for flexible trackway

5. DYS-0466-71-07-00-0
Bracket for magnetic narrow unit for flexible trackway

Bracket for magnetic units for flexible trackway

7. MST-0541-10-02-00-0
Vacuum modular unit

8. ZSP-0523-19-00-00-0
Magnetic spacing-adjustable unit

9. ZSP-0475-85-00-00-0
Magnetic pivoting unit

10. WSP-0466-71-06-00-0
Steel track support for flexible trackway

Magnetic narrow unit with hexagon

Magnetic unit

13. ZST-0466-69-00-00-0
Trackway following guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

Versatility of Gecko welding tractor applications including out-of-position use

Technical specification


    18 V DC, 5.2 Ah
    20 W
    Welding position (according to EN ISO 6947 and AWS/ASME):
    PA / 1F / 1G
    PB / 2F
    PC / 2G
    PD / 4F
    PE / 4G
    Torch type / diameter:
    16–22 mm (0.63–0.87”);
    up to 35mm (1.38”) option
    Minimum radius of curved workpiece surface:
    1000 mm (3.5 ft)
    Minimum workpiece thickness:
    4 mm (0.16’’)
    Ground clearance:
    4 mm (0.16’’)
    Horizontal pulling force:
    150 N
    Vertical pulling force:
    Cross slide adjustment range:
    0–35 mm (0–1.38”)
    up-down, left-right
    Horizontal speed:
    0–110 cm/min
    (0–43.3 in/min)
    Vertical speed:
    8.6 kg (19 lbs)
    1 (last used)


Make sure you are familiar with Gecko / Gecko HS | Fillet Welding Carriage brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

Gecko | Fillet Welding Carriage

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Welding & Cutting Tractors

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Gecko | Kehlnaht-Schweisstraktor

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Schweiß- und Schneidtraktoren

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Chariots de Soudage & Coupage

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Gecko | Compacte Laswagen

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Gecko | Svařovací Traktor

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Demo video

Promotech – Gecko Fillet Welding Carriage

Get your Gecko tractor ready for non ferrous metals welding

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Learn more about our technologies and latest developments in welding, bevelling and cutting

Gecko accessories

Standard Gecko accessories

To improve the Gecko welding carriage, we can get a lot of additional accessories! We can increase its effectiveness, by buying a three meter power cord, standard guide arms, dual arc ignition cable or even torch holder, with a long rod clamp assembly. All those accessories are making Gecko the number one choice of many PROMOTECHs clients.

Standard guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

Cable anchor

Optional Gecko accessories

Torch Extension Arm

Extended cross-slide
0-76 mm (0-3”) up-down,
0-35 mm (0-1.38”) left-right

Display shield

ZSP-0466-46-00-00-1 Fall arrester device

Cable anchor

Dual Torch Mount

Short Rod Clamp

Magnet blocks (front)
with increased power

Magnet blocks (back)
with increased power

Torch clamp 22–35 mm

Torch clamp 22–35 mm

Magnet blocks (back) M6x25
incl. additional spacer plate
required for Gecko Battery

Optional accessories for multi-surface guiding and variety of applications

Low guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

High guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

Edge following guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

Adjustable guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

Magnet guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

Track following guide arms (set of 2 pcs)

Guide adjustment tool to position the
track parallel to the edge