Dragon / Dragon HS | Cutting & Bevelling Track Carriage

Dragon / Dragon HS

Dragon is a state-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch which features a precise, stable travel speed that produces accurate cuts and bevels. The machine can be used on any standard 6˝ V-grooved track. High speed plasma cutting and beveling is available with Dragon HS.


Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting available
Straight cutting
Diagonal cutting (bevelling)
Circle cutting
Strips cutting
K-bevel cutting
Double diagonal cutting (bevelling)

Key features

Primary features and benefits:

  • State-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch
  • Cutting and beveling up to 45o (also parallel by means of 2 torches)
  • Quick clamping torch holder for torch diameter from 28 mm to 35 mm
  • Advanced speed control system with implemented digital PID regulator
  • LED display with readout of actual and set speed, and report messages
  • Rigid heat-proof design
  • 2-wheel drive with auto – braking drive unit
  • Quick drive release switch for easy re-positioning
  • Runs on a rail or directly on a workpiece
  • Connectable rails to form various lengths
  • Wide assortment of optional accessories for variety of applications, like machine barrel torch holders, manifolds, circle cutting attachment etc.

Technical specification

 DragonDragon HS
Voltage~ 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz ~~ 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Power20 W20 W
Operating positionhorizontalhorizontal
Torch diameter 28–35 mm (1.10–1.38’’)28–35 mm (1.10–1.38’’)
Ground clearance8 mm (0.31’’)8 mm (0.31’’)
Speed0–150 cm/min
(0–59 in/min)
10–300 cm/min
(4–118 in/min)
Weight16.8 kg (37.0 lbs)16.8 kg (37.0 lbs

Straight cutting

Tractor enables bevelling at desired angle

Circle cutting

Strips cutting

LED display with readout of actual and set speed, and report messages

Quality cuts and bevels reduce fit-up and grinding time and lay the foundation for a high quality weld

DRAGON for Oxy-Fuel

DRAGON HS for plasma


Make sure you are familiar with Dragon | Cutting & Bevelling Track Carriage brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

Welding & Cutting Tractors

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Dragon | Spur-Schneidtraktor

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Schweiß- und Schneidtraktoren

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Dragon | Carrello Per il Taglio

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Carrelli per Saldatura e Taglio

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Dragon | Chariot de Coupage

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Chariots de Soudage & Coupage

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DRAGON | Carro de Corte

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Dragon | Rail Snijwagens

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

Dragon | Řezací Traktor

Size: 3.7 MB Type: PDF

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Optional accessories for Oxy-fuel

  • Manifold 2×2 RZD-0475-64-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-68-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 2×3 RZD-0475-63-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-67-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 3/3 RZD-0475-74-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-73-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 2×2 with cut-off valve RZD-0475-65-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-70-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 2/3 with cut-off valve RZD-0475-66-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-69-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 3/3 with cut-off valve RZD-0475-72-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-71-00-00-0
  • (imperial)
  • UCW-0475-61-00-00-0 Machine Barrel Torch Holder Ø 30 mm (1.18”)
  • UCW-0475-29-00-00-1 Machine Barrel Torch Holder Ø 35 mm (1.38”)
  • UCW-0475-59-00-00-0 Precise Machine Torch Holder Ø 30 mm (1.18”)
  • UCW-0475-42-00-00-1 Precise Machine Torch Holder Ø 35 mm (1.38”)

Optional accessories for Plasma (Dragon HS)

  • ZSP-0475-58-00-00-0 Plasma Arc Ignition
  • KBL-0475-58-05-00-0 Plasma Arc Ignition Cable

Standard accessories for both Dragon and Dragon HS

  • RAM-0475-07-00-00-0 580 mm (22.8’’) Geared Rack
  • PWG-0475-09-00-00-0 Counterweight 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
  • UCW-0475-28-00-00-0 Standard Torch Holder with angle adjustment
  • Power cord 3 m (9,7 ft)

Optional accessories for both Dragon and Dragon HS

  • TRO-0475-13-00-00-0 Track Assembly 1800 mm (70,9”) V” Groove Center Line 152 mm (6”)
  • ZSP-0475-44-00-00-0 Magnetic Unit
  • PDS-0582-10-00-02-0 Magnetic Narrow Unit with hexagon
  • MST-0541-10-02-00-0 Vacuum Modular Unit
  • RAM-0475-23-00-00-0 1000 mm (39.4”) Geared Rack
  • PWG-0475-10-00-00-0 Large Counterweight 2,6 kg (5,7lbs)
  • UCW-0475-08-00-00-0 Precise Torch Holder with angle and height adjustment
  • UCW-0475-15-00-00-1 Slide Rack Holder
  • ZCS-0475-28-10-00-0 Standard Torch Holder 28–35 mm (1.10–1.38’’)
  • PDT-0475-26-00-00-0 Roller Support
  • PDT-0475-34-00-00-0 Cable Anchor
  • CYR-0475-22-00-00-0 Circle Cutting Attachment
  • OSL-0475-54-00-00-0 Heat Protection Shield (left)
  • OSL-0475-55-00-00-0 Heat Protection Shield (right)
  • OSL-0475-53-00-00-0 Heat Protection Shield (bottom)