BM-25 | Plate Beveling Machine


The BM-25 is an easy to use, portable heavy-duty machine designed for beveling steel plates prior to welding. The beveller is equipped with powerful motor and fitted with face milling beveling head, allowing smooth operation and exceptional efficiency.


Max bevel width 25mm
Top beveling
Bevel angles 0° - 90° 15°-75° (recommended)
Min plate thickness 2 mm

BM-25 | Features and Benefits

BM-25 enables milling straight edges up to 25 mm bevel width, whereas variable spindle speed facilitates optimizing cutting conditions. Continuously adjustable milling depth and bevel angle between 0 and 90 require no tooling to change. BM-25 has got a state-of-the-art electronic motor overload module protecting the operator, the machine and the tooling. The beveller is equipped with guide rollers, which make it easy and light to operate.

  • Comfort and ergonomics of work
  • Continuously adjustable bevel angle between 0 and 90 degrees
  • Single head operates with face milling method
  • Maximum 25 mm bevel width (more than one pass could be required)
  • Continuous bevel width adjustment
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Milling head is equipped with 5 pcs of 2-sided indexable cutting inserts
  • Electronic speed control between 1800–5850 rpm
  • Overload protection

Comfort and ergonomics of work:

  • Each user can individually adjust the position of the grip and handle
  • Grip can be rotated through 360 degrees
  • The handle can be tilted to the desired angle
  • Adjustable grip and handle enable comfort of work for both right and left-handers and operators of different heights
  • Guide set with rollers can be rotated through 360 degrees
  • 2 possible positions of rollers (wide and narrow)

Continuously adjustable bevel angle between 0 and 90 degrees:

  • One milling head for full range of angles
  • No need for separate milling heads for specific angles
  • Recommended bevel angle from 15 to 75 degrees

Bevel width up to 25 mm at 45 degrees:

  • Various bevel widths are possible by means of BM-25
  • The final results depend on combination of bevel angle and bevel depth

Work at 0 degree:

  • Facing process to produce a flat surface such as lands/root faces

Work at 90 degrees:

  • Cladding and other wear resistant coatings removal
  • Lowering of the plate edge height


Make sure you are familiar with Promotech BM-25 | Plate Beveling Machine brochure, including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions, we encourage you to send us an inquiry.

BM-25 | Plate Beveling Machine

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Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machines

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Technical specification

Voltage1~ 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power2200 W
Spindle speed (without load)1800-5850 rpm
Maximum bevel width (b, Fig. 1)25 mm (1")
Maximum depth of cut (d, Fig. 1)12,5 mm (1/2")
Bevel angle 0°-90°
15°-75° (recommended)
Minimum workpiece thickness2 mm (0.08”)
Weight12,5 kg (27 lb)
Required ambient temperature0–40°C (34–104°F)
Product CodeUKS-0715-10-20-00-0

Standard shipping set:

  • Beveling machine incl. milling head with 5 cutting inserts
  • Plastic box
  • 3 chip guards (basic, 30°, 45°)
  • Grease for screws (5 g, 0.17 oz)
  • Drift
  • 22 mm flat wrench
  • 4 mm hex wrench
  • 10 mm hex wrench
  • Operator’s manual

Selected additional accessories:

  • GLW-000052 Milling head
  • PLY-000756 Cutting insert (sold 10 pcs/box

BM-25 uses face milling head that features:

  • Lower milling resistance
  • Less effort for the operator
  • Increased range of bevel widths that can be made manually up to 25 mm