PRO-10 PB | Portable Pipe Beveler & Flange Facer

PRO-10 PB is a heavy-duty ID mounted pipe beveller utilizing self-centering expandable mandrels to provide quick and proper alignment to a pipe or a tube prior to machining operations. The beveller can be mounted in pipe or tubing with a minimum inside diameter of 38 mm (1.5) and bevel outside diameters up to 355 mm (14”). Designed with three tool holders, PRO-10 PB is able to simultaneously mill the OD bevel, root face and ID counterbore to create consistent wall thickness around the joint and ensure complete weld penetration. The beveller can be operated with a powerful pneumatic motor or a high-torque electric motor. Optional accessories expand the possible applications of the PRO-10 PB to perform flange-facing and oval beveling.

  • Heavy-duty, portable beveller designed to create a perfect weld prep edge prior to joining
  • bevel, face and counter-bore simultaneously
  • machine covers a range of diameters from 38mm ID up to 355mm OD
  • standard and custom-made tool bits available for creating various bevel angles for V and J-groove preparation
  • up to three tool bits can be mounted to bevel, face and counter-bore simultaneously to make weld prep operations fast and easy
  • self-centering expandable ID mounted mandrels enable highly repeatable and consistent fit-up and can be rapidly deployed from one pipe to another to reduce cycle times and improve workflow
  • it can be used efficiently by a single operator
PRO-10 PB | Portable Pipe Beveler & Flange Facer

Pipe diameter

ID 84-269 mm
38-84 mm (option)
270-349 mm (option)

Max OD bevel width

273 mm / 355 mm - option

Max. wall thickness

15 mm

Facing off

Pipe OD beveling

Facing-off pipes

Pipe ID bevelling

Optional flange-facing attachment

Special tool bits for carbon and stainless steel machining

Both powerful pneumatic motor or high torque electric motor available


PRO-10 PB with electric motorPRO-10 PB with pneumatic motor
Electric motor1.8 kW-
Supply110-120 V / 50-60 Hz
or 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Rotational speed (nominal)gear 1-12 to 29 rpm
gear 2-41 to 96 rpm
Pneumatic drive-1,8 kW
Air requirement-0,6 MPa
Air consumption-1750 Nl/min
Rotational speed (without load)-17 rpm
Rotational speed (nominal)-9 rpm
Min ID84 mm (3.31”); 38 mm - option84mm (3.31”); 38mm - option
Max ID269 mm (10.59”);
349 mm (13.74”) - option
269 mm (10.59”);
349 mm (13.74”) - option
Max OD273 mm (10.75”);
355 mm (13.98”) - option
273 mm (10.75”);
355 mm (13.98”) - option
Max. wall thickness15 mm (0.59”)15 mm (0.59”)
Weight (incl. motor)35.9 kg (79 lbs)33 kg (73 lbs)


PRO-10 PB | Portable Pipe Beveller & Flange Facer

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PRO-10 PB | Tragbare Rohranfasmaschine

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PRO-10 PB | Smussatrice Portatile per Tubi

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PRO 10 PB | Chanfreineuse Pour Tubes

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PRO-10 PB | Draagbare Buis Afschuinmachine

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PRO-10 PB | Přenosná Úkosovačka Potrubí

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Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machines

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Anfasmaschinen für Bleche und Rohre

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Smussatrici per Lamiere e Tubi

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Machines à Chanfreiner

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