Plasma cutting – What Is It And Where Did It Come From?

Plasma cutting is simply a process of cutting through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. It is widely used in many industries. See for yourself, what makes plasma cutting one of the most interesting technologies.


Plasma cutting comes from plasma welding, which was a popular technique in the 1960s. It was introduces as a perfect cutting method in the 1980s. Why did it become so popular? The reason is that plasma cutting creates no metal chips and is very accurate during cutting. The first plasma cutting machines were very big and were designed mostly for mass production, due to the repeating cutting patterns.

What is plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting is a process of cutting metals (aluminum, steel, copper etc.), while using a plasma arc. It is carried out mechanically or manually. Mechanized cutting processes mainly concern cutting using CNC cutters or industrial robots. The source of heat that melts the metal is a plasma arc glowing between the electrode and the workpiece.


During cutting with plasma, everyone involved, should focus on their protection. We should have a proper eye protection and face shields. Plasma is very hot and can damage our eyes and skin in a matter of seconds. Additionally, we should have proper clothes. Leather gloves, an apron and a jacket will protect our body from sparks or debris.

CNC Machines – what are they?

CNC means Computerized Numerical Control. It’s a numerical control system, that is equipped with a microcomputer, which can be freely programmed. This term is usually used for the processing of materials by means of computer-controlled devices, such as:

  • Milling machines;
  • Lather;
  • Electric sinkers.

CNC machining allows for a fast, precise and highly repeatable execution of complex shapes.

CNC Plasma Cutting Configurations

We can easily say that there are three main configurations of CNC Plasma Cutting. Each one of them depends on the form of material that is going to be processed. Also, a very important factor in plasma cutting is the flexibility of the cutting head. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at the configurations:

  • 2 Dimensional / 2-Axis Plasma Cutting
  • 3 Dimensional / 3+ Axis Plasma Cutting
  • Tube / Section Plasma Cutting

How much does it cost?

While in 1980s the plasma cutting technology was expensive, right now we can find these machines nearly everywhere. They are widely used in both production companies and private workshops. It became so common, that an individual hobbyist can purchase one and cut some steel.

Promotech’s Machines

Promotech’s MCM machines are a true portable CNC cutting and welding machines. They can work on round, conical or flat surfaces as well as on multi-surface parts. These machines are designed and manufactured by Promotech and are made of highest quality European parts.