Humble beginnings make great success stories

The history of Promotech started in 1987 when Zbigniew Gołąbiewski and his first business partner had registered the company in Bialystok. Quite typically for many new businesses, the story began in a garage outside of Bialystok. However, just a few months later, Promotech’s founders realized that a proper manufacturing facility would be needed. So in 1988, they started to plan to acquire a manufacturing facility. There were several options, but – finally – partners selected a plot in Elewatorska Street in Bialystok. This is how the factory started.

The electromagnetic holder that changed everything

The development of a very efficient electromagnetic holder opened a new chapter in the history of Promotech. That device made a great impression during the 1990 Poznan Trade Fair. Shortly after that Bohdan Zaleski had become a new partner in Promotech. The same year Promotech started new and important business contacts in USA and Germany.

Distribution network

Till the late 2000s, the company enjoyed steady and dynamic growth. In 2009 the world financial crisis forced the company’s board to take emergency decisions. The protection of employees and the protection of the company’s intellectual capital were the top priorities during that crisis. The company’s response to the crisis was its increased effort to create even better and more complete products. These new products had to be distributed, promoted, and sold through a system of competent dealers, so a new own distribution network had to be created.

Promotech Today

Today Promotech has sister companies/sales offices in UAE, India, and Germany and partnerships in Italy and USA. From a company employing 20 people, over the last 35 years, Promotech has become one of the major employers in our region. Currently, the company employs over 300 people and sells internationally around 360 products. More than 93 percent of production is exported. In 2022 Promotech is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Zbigniew Gołąbiewski is joking that at the time of establishing the company, he was not very young, but over the years when the company was developing, he himself was changing with it. Bohdan Zaleski adds that Promotech today is a brand recognizable worldwide, selling products to 78 countries, reaching all developed markets and the most demanding customers.