Dragon | Cutting & Bevelling Track Carriage

Dragon / Dragon HS

Dragon is a state-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch which features a precise, stable travel speed that produces accurate cuts and bevels. The machine can be used on any standard 6˝ V-grooved track. High speed plasma cutting and beveling is available with Dragon HS.


Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting available
Straight cutting
Diagonal cutting (bevelling)
Circle cutting
Strips cutting
K-bevel cutting
Double diagonal cutting (bevelling)

Key features

Primary features and benefits:

  • State-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch
  • Cutting and beveling up to 45o (also parallel by means of 2 torches)
  • Quick clamping torch holder for torch diameter from 28 mm to 35 mm
  • Advanced speed control system with implemented digital PID regulator
  • LED display with readout of actual and set speed, and report messages
  • Rigid heat-proof design
  • 2-wheel drive with auto – braking drive unit
  • Quick drive release switch for easy re-positioning
  • Runs on a rail or directly on a workpiece
  • Connectable rails to form various lengths
  • Wide assortment of optional accessories for variety of applications, like machine barrel torch holders, manifolds, circle cutting attachment etc.

Technical specification

 DragonDragon HS
Voltage~ 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz ~~ 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Power20 W20 W
Operating positionhorizontalhorizontal
Torch diameter 28–35 mm (1.10–1.38’’)28–35 mm (1.10–1.38’’)
Ground clearance8 mm (0.31’’)8 mm (0.31’’)
Speed0–150 cm/min
(0–59 in/min)
10–300 cm/min
(4–118 in/min)
Weight16.8 kg (37.0 lbs)16.8 kg (37.0 lbs

Straight cutting

Diagonal cutting (bevelling)

Circle cutting

Strips cutting

LED display with readout of actual and set speed, and report messages

Quality cuts and bevels reduce fit-up and grinding time and lay the foundation for a high quality weld

DRAGON HS for plasma

DRAGON for Oxy-Fuel


Make sure you are familiar with Dragon | Cutting & Bevelling Track Carriage brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

Welding & Cutting Carriages

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Standard accessories for both Dragon and Dragon HS

  • RAM-0475-07-00-00-0 580 mm (22.8’’) Geared Rack
  • PWG-0475-09-00-00-0 Counterweight 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
  • UCW-0475-28-00-00-0 Standard Torch Holder with angle adjustment
  • Power cord 3 m (9,7 ft)

Optional accessories for both Dragon and Dragon HS

  • TRO-0475-13-00-00-0 Track Assembly 1800 mm (70,9”) V” Groove Center Line 152 mm (6”)
  • ZSP-0475-44-00-00-0 Magnetic Unit
  • PDS-0582-10-00-02-0 Magnetic Narrow Unit with hexagon
  • MST-0541-10-02-00-0 Vacuum Modular Unit
  • RAM-0475-23-00-00-0 1000 mm (39.4”) Geared Rack
  • PWG-0475-10-00-00-0 Large Counterweight 2,6 kg (5,7lbs)
  • UCW-0475-08-00-00-0 Precise Torch Holder with angle and height adjustment
  • UCW-0475-15-00-00-1 Slide Rack Holder
  • ZCS-0475-28-10-00-0 Standard Torch Holder 28–35 mm (1.10–1.38’’)
  • PDT-0475-26-00-00-0 Roller Support
  • PDT-0475-34-00-00-0 Cable Anchor
  • CYR-0475-22-00-00-0 Circle Cutting Attachment
  • OSL-0475-54-00-00-0 Heat Protection Shield (left)
  • OSL-0475-55-00-00-0 Heat Protection Shield (right)
  • OSL-0475-53-00-00-0 Heat Protection Shield (bottom)

Optional accessories for Oxy-fuel

  • Manifold 2×2 RZD-0475-64-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-68-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 2×3 RZD-0475-63-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-67-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 3/3 RZD-0475-74-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-73-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 2×2 with cut-off valve RZD-0475-65-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-70-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 2/3 with cut-off valve RZD-0475-66-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-69-00-00-0 (imperial)
  • Manifold 3/3 with cut-off valve RZD-0475-72-00-00-0 (metric) RZD-0475-71-00-00-0
  • (imperial)
  • UCW-0475-61-00-00-0 Machine Barrel Torch Holder Ø 30 mm (1.18”)
  • UCW-0475-29-00-00-1 Machine Barrel Torch Holder Ø 35 mm (1.38”)
  • UCW-0475-59-00-00-0 Precise Machine Torch Holder Ø 30 mm (1.18”)
  • UCW-0475-42-00-00-1 Precise Machine Torch Holder Ø 35 mm (1.38”)

Optional accessories for Plasma (Dragon HS)

  • ZSP-0475-58-00-00-0 Plasma Arc Ignition
  • KBL-0475-58-05-00-0 Plasma Arc Ignition Cable